Our Mission

At HARSHU, we are dedicated to confronting the environmental challenges posed by plastic, styrofoam, and similar pollutants prevalent in today's tableware products. Our mission is to offer a sustainable alternative for those committed to reducing their environmental footprint. Annually, an estimated 350 million tons of plastic waste and approximately 2.5 million tons of styrofoam waste are generated globally. These materials, commonly used in the production of conventional tableware, often end up in landfills, oceans, and incinerators, where they contribute to pollution and release harmful fumes. Our approach to addressing this crisis is simple yet impactful: by changing one plate, one cup, and one utensil at a time, we believe we can significantly reduce the accumulation of waste. Our goal is not just to end waste but to transform the way we think about and use tableware. By choosing HARSHU, you are not only opting for an eco-friendly alternative but also participating in a larger movement towards sustainability. Together, we can make a difference for our planet, one meal at a time. Join us in our mission to create a cleaner, healthier Earth for future generations.

Our Vision

At HARSHU, our namesake is for you to be able to smile. What better way to make you smile than to provide a new, sustainable dinnerware alternative. We want to offer a way for you to enjoy your meal and be conscious of the environment. This is also why our products are also packaged responsibly. Your small change allows for you to make other small, positive changes for the environment that will have a lasting impact. If you share your dinnerware with guests, it’s a conversation piece that will prompt them to make those positive changes you have adopted. We hope that our product brings a smile to your face!

How We Do It?

We use harvested areca leaves, sugarcane bagasse, and cornstarch for our bowls and plates. Our cutlery is made from responsibly sourced wood and corn starch. Our products break down within a mere 180 days, contributing valuable nutrients for the soil. We are committed to sustainability both in how we recycle and replace plant waste, as well as give back to nature. About ⅓ of sugarcane bagasse is thrown out of sugar mills each year, but we recycle it by turning it into pulp, and molding it into the shape of our plates and cups. The same goes for our areca leaves, which are usually disregarded by areca harvesters, but when crushed and molded it becomes our plates and bowls. Other alternatives take years to break down in landfills, or pollute the earth. One plate at a time, we will change how you eat by providing you a product that exceeds the needs of other tableware, and gives back to our planet without harm.

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